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Automating a tank with only one device has never been easier.

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Setting new benchmarks!


ProfiLux controllers are the best solution to lead your tank to new dimensions. Simulate natural lighting conditions, measure and control elemental parameters automatically and keep your tank as safe as possible.



Use illumination control and flow control to create natural conditions in your tank. Retain control of all elemental parameters.



The easy-to-use controllers can be operated intuitively. The systems are based on modern microprocessor technology and manage all tasks in your aquarium or terrarium using a special operating system developed by GHL. PC-software and apps  are available free of charge.



GHL ProfiLux 3.1T controllers are available in different versions, depending on the requirements you have. They differ in configuration, price and available features.  ProfiLux 3.1T ex contains the same functions as the standard version and even more! The outdoor-model is especially designed to be used outside (e.g. to control a pond).




Settting new benchmarks!

GHL ProfiLux Controllers are designed using the professional know-how of german engineers to ensure a maximum of safety and performance for your tank. Simulate natural weather conditions like sunrise, moonlight or thunderstorm, thereby your animals will show their typical behaviour. Measure and control important water parameters (according to the model) like pH-value, oxygen, redox, conductivity  and water temperature to keep optimal conditions in your tank. The easy-to-use controllers of the ProfiLux®-series contain modern microcontroller technology and come with ProfiLuxOS, an operating system designed by GHL to take over control tasks in aquariums and terrariums. Once configured, ProfiLux controllers inform you about current water parameters, illumination, the settings of your stream pumps, phase of the moon and much more! Using the according accessories it will measure and control your water parameters automatically. To make the initial startup easier, all relevant settings of ProfiLux controllers have factory default settings which are suitable for many cases. Hence it is adequate to change some parameters according to the specific circumstances. The menu-driven and intuitive operation of the device and the appealing display and key pad will support you, too. The integrated webserver enables you to view values and states or edit your ProfiLux settings from everywhere. It also supports email-clients, DHCP, SNTP, TFTP and RSS. All ProfiLux 3.1T controllers dispose of the ProfiLux Aquatic Bus, shortly PAB. This professional bus system is based on the CAN-bus, a very reliable and fail-safe data bus which is above all used in security-relevant applications e.g. in cars.














 32 channels for illumination control

Create your individual illumination programm especially designed for your needs. Simulate natural weather conditions like sunrise, thunderstorm, cloudy or rainy days and use the moonphase simulation thereby your animals get their natural sense of time back.

 6 1-10V interfaces (optional up to 32)

Control up to 32 dimmable lamps and sockets, speed-variable stream pumps or adjustable heaters and coolers.

 64 controllable sockets/dosing pumps

Control all of your aquarium technology with one ProfiLux controller.

 32 clock timers programmable

Use the programmable clock timers to switch up to 32 sockets or dosing pumps. Thanks to the battery-buffered real time clock there is no need to configure them again after power failures.

 Control of speed-variable stream pumps

Simulate ocean streams like ebb, tide and waves or use the "Feeding pause"-option to throttle your pumps for a predefined period.

 Operation hour meter  for lamps and sensors / Burning-in mode for fluorescent tubes

Check how long your lamps are running in total and use the burning-in mode to expand the life period of your fluorescent tubes.

 PC-interface, LAN, WLAN (optional)

Manage your ProfiLux 3.1T with the free-of-charge Windows software GHL Control Center.

 Integrated webserver

View values and states or edit your ProfiLux settings from everywhere. It also supports email-clients, DHCP, SNTP, TFTP and RSS.

 Alarm function

Get informed by an optical or acoustical signal if something in your tank went wrong.


 Measurement of pH-value, water temperature, redox potential, conductivity, oxygen, humidity and air temperature

All water parameters at one glance. No vague results from test sticks anymore.

 2-4 inputs for level sensors or leakage detectors

Be informed if one of your tanks reaches a critical level.

 ProfiLux Aquatic Bus (PAB)

The ProfiLux Aquatic Bus enables a simple and reliable networking of all bus participants such as e.g. ProfiLux, expansion boxes and powerbars, also via bigger distances.

  All settings are stored in a non-volatile storage (EEPROM)

Your settings are saved even during power failures.

 Simple and intuitive operation

All settings are made in form of interactive dialogues. Display of reminder texts (e.g. "Filter change!")

  Computer is expandable with expansion-modules to measure conductivity, redox potenital and oxygen values

Expand your ProfiLux 3.1T controller with 2 of our additional modules and use a radio-controlled clock receiver (DCF). Using our Expansion Box there are nearly no limits  to use our additional modules.

 Therapy programm to help sick fish

This function slowly increases the water temperature in your tank for a predefined period.

 Controlling of ph-value, temperature, conductivity and redox-potential

Regulate pH-value via CO2-addition (downwards) or via alkalisation (upwards) and the programmable nightly decrease. Use sequential temperature control for glow bar, ground heating and cooling and programmable nightly decrease or to cool your tank with speed-regulated fans. To measure and control conductivity you can switch between measurement ranges for freshwater and saltwater.

 Calibration and measured data records

The calibration can be done with the ProfiLux controller via pressing a button. You are guided step-by-step via a menu. Using the measured data record you can monitor your water parameters over a bigger period of time.













GHL Control Center was especially designed for ProfiLux controllers and allows you to make all ProfiLux 3.1T setting changes from your PC. With the serial interface, USB or LAN the software connects to your ProfiLux controller and let you make changes on clock timers, dosings, stream pump control or illumination settings. Beside this, you can do manual dosing and start weather simulations. Except the PC software there is also the app GHL ProfiLux  for your smartphone. This app allows you to retrieve your current tank data, do manual dosings or change some settings from everywhere. Thus you are always informed and keep your tank under control even on vacation. ProfiLux 3.1T additionally includes an integrated webserver which allows you to retrieve your current tank data, do manual dosings or change some settings from everywhere, too.

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GHL Controller 3.1T EX

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