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Our innate understanding of fish biology, physiology, psychology and over twenty years aquaculture experience have led New Era to produce a extruded soft pellet formulation to deliver a highly palatable and digestible balanced diet for captive coral reef species.

The modified marine formulation uses the same dietary profile as our Marine Flakes - natural ingredients, preservatives and a tailored mineral profile and incorporates components that allow the ingredients to combine to a putty consistency.

Marine Pellets have been designed to enhance colouration and keep fish in peak condition by using natural carotenoid pigments and high quality proteins specific to the natural diet of marine species.

Extruded to diameter of 2mm and length of 4mm these soft pellets can be used for a variety of feeding applications and are ideal for use in automatic feeding machines; alternatively mould a quantity into a larger ball to adhere to the sides of the aquarium.

The innovative formula 'locks in' nutrients until consumed ensuring that leaching is kept to a minimum and that your fish are maximising the value of their food.

The pellets have an instant aroma that has been proven to be enticing to the shiest of species while the digestible texture is irresistible to all omnivorous tropical marine fishes.


  • A unique technical diet - a complete diet encompassing nutritional requirements of coral reef species.
  • Enhanced colouration - using natural carotenoid pigments
  • Peak condition and vitality - achieved by using only natural and high quality proteins and a tailored marine mineral profile.
  • Low leaching formula - ‘locks in’ nutrients until consumed.

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Vitalis Platinum Marine Pellets 120g

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